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On many occasions we are told ‘I only use my air-con in the summer’ and we ask why?

Many people still believe that your vehicle’s air-con system is there only to produce cold air but this is incorrect. Air-con can be used for warm or cold air which ever you prefer. In the summer it is great to cool the air and in the winter it is a great way to demist the windows. The air coming out of the vents is dry so the air-con acts as a dehumidifier.

The air-con is filled with a refrigerant and a small amount of oil and with good use will keep that liquid flowing and the components of the system lubricated.

Air-con system Maintenance is essential to keep it in good working order and to help avoid possible repair work further down the line. On average it is estimated that a vehicle can lose between 10-15% of its refrigerant gas even if it is not used. We recommend to have an Air-con service carried out on your vehicle once every 2 years which will not only refill the refrigerant to maximum level we will also run an anti-bacterial cleaner through the ventilation system to help prevent bacteria build up, which can produce nasty smells when the ventilation system is in use. We will also recommend to change the cabin/pollen filter regularly (during routine vehicle maintenance service).

At Dover garage we offer value for money when it comes to an Air-con service.

  • Re-gas the refrigerant to maximum level
  • Add dye to the system to trace for any leaks
  • Run an anti-bacterial deodoriser through the ventilation system
  • Cover the first hour of an investigation into the system if you’re A/C stops working within 6 months of its service

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